Why You Should Pop Your Own Popcorn (And How to Do It)

When I was growing up, popcorn was something you either had at the movie theater where it was scooped out of a large popcorn machine, or came in a butter-drenched bag that you threw in the microwave and watched carefully to avoid burning. I had heard of hot-air popcorn poppers, but didn’t own one. That…

Sweet Fried Plantains (Plátanos Maduros)

Have you ever had sweet fried plantains? The first time I had plátanos maduros was when I moved to Costa Rica where they became daily staple at the breakfast table, served alongside a heaping portion of gallo pinto and some instant coffee. They quickly became my favorite – sweet, slightly mushy, with a slight crisp…

5 Spices You Can Make At Home

Is anyone else feeling super stressed every time you have to go to the grocery store these days? I know I am. Social distancing in these tiny Manhattan shops seems impossible, even with limiting the number of people inside, trying to manage traffic flow, and the new requirement that we wear face coverings in public….

Homemade Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce (South Africa)

Have you ever tried to recreate something by taste only? I recently had this experience after discovering Nando’s peri peri sauce for the first time. I love going to grocery stores in foreign countries to see what products I can find that are different from home. So when I arrived in Cape Town, South Africa,…

Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter (Niter Kibbeh)

Last week, I explored the key spices in Ethiopian cooking by making homemade berbere. Today, I’m focusing on another staple: spiced clarified butter, called niter kibbeh. This is easy to make and really gives your food an Ethiopian taste.