Recipe Fails

Have you ever failed hard at a recipe? I have. In fact, the truth about cooking (life?) is that we all fail sometimes. You start out with a great recipe idea. Totally confident, you dive in headfirst, only to make something that’s…well, pretty horrible. I believe in celebrating failure. It is only through failure that…

Ethiopian Shiro Wat

Have you wanted to cook Ethiopian food at home, but not sure where to begin? Do you love shiro wat? Or maybe you’re new to Ethiopian cuisine, and you’d like to try it! Whatever your story, shiro wat is a great dish to get started on because it’s easy and quick to make at home…

Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter (Niter Kibbeh)

Last week, I explored the key spices in Ethiopian cooking by making homemade berbere. Today, I’m focusing on another staple: spiced clarified butter, called niter kibbeh. This is easy to make and really gives your food an Ethiopian taste.

DIY Berbere Spice Mix (Ethiopia)

Here’s announcing…Ethiopia month! To celebrate the Ethiopian New Year, I’ll be featuring one of my favorite cuisines for an entire month, making some of my favorite vegetarian dishes and sharing some facts about Ethiopia. If you’re Ethiopian, it’s almost the year 2012. That’s one of the first interesting facts about Ethiopia- they have their own…

Homemade Stoney Tangawizi (Ginger Beer)

Update: I’ve been informed that it’s possible for a glass bottle to explode when brewing fermented beverages such as this. I strongly recommend following the directions as written, using a plastic bottle, opening it frequently to let out the carbon dioxide, and monitoring the amount of fizz – warmer temperatures can lead to quicker fermentation….