Everything You Need to Know About the New Food Hall in Flushing NYC

This is the Tangram food hall, one of the newest food halls in NYC, located in Flushing.

I love food halls, especially those that feature a range of international foods all in one place where you can snack tasty bites from around the world without having to leave. I’m always on the lookout for the best food halls in NYC and anytime a new one opens, it definitely catches my interest. Most people think of Astoria and Long Island City first when they think of Queens food markets, so when I saw that a new one was opening in Flushing on January 12, I knew that I had to go check it out at the first opportunity. In this post, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about visiting the new Tangram Food Hall.

Tell me More! What’s this new NYC food hall all about?

The Tangram food hall is a newly opened collection of counter service vendors selling Asian-inspired cuisines in Flushing Queens. The space is covered in futuristic neon lights and designed to look like street food markets in cities like Tokyo or Singapore. It’s 24,000 feet large and currently has 8 vendors, including the Hoi Polloi beer hall. I did expect it to be a bit larger, but there are also more vendors opening in the upcoming months so it will only grow.

What vendors are there and what types of food can I find?

The eats are inspired by Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese Sichuan, and Filipino cuisines. A lot of the foods fuse Asian flavors into well-loved treats, like Korean corn dogs, black sesame soft serve ice cream, and durian egg tarts. Below, I’ll break down each current vendor with details on what I tried and what I didn’t get to.

What I tried:

I’Milky: A Taiwanese chain that specializes in bubble tea made with 100% all-natural ingredients. All their produce is fresh and they source milk and fruit from local farmers. There were several non-dairy milk options, so this place is vegan-friendly. I ordered the I’Milky Premium Black Milk Tea with oat milk and 50% sugar and it was delicious. But if I could order again, I’d prefer to try taro milk or the brown sugar bubble milk as those looked delicious and super unique. If you can’t make it out to Flushing, they have locations in Midtown, Chinatown, and Williamsburg, and they also have stores all over Asia. They had a spot where you can take a selfie with a girl dressed as a cow standing in a boba tea while drinking it and taking a selfie. If that made no sense to you (it shouldn’t, really), see the photo below. Definitely a missed opportunity because I finished my tea before finding this spot!

Insta-spot at I’Milky…tho best to have the tea in hand next time

Cruncheese: Gourmet versions of Korean corn dogs, which are hot dogs, rice cakes, or cheese served on a skewer, covered in a crunchy batter, and deep-fried before being topped with sugar and condiments like ketchup and mustard. I assumed it would be all hot dogs before visiting, but to my surprise they also had vegetarian-friendly rice cakes, thick squares of cheese (mozzarella and/or cheddar), and potato and cheese options. Once you’ve selected your dog, you get to pick from 8 sauces and 4 dustings to top it off. I ordered the rice cake with sweet chili sauce and the “Hot Flaming” seasoning and it was better than I expected it to be – really good, also really decadent. Cruncheese has one more NYC location in the Turnstyle Underground Market, as well as other locations across the US. I don’t know if this place is suitable for vegans because I couldn’t find out what’s in the batter. Wouldn’t count on it.

Deep fried rice cake “hot dog” on a stick smothered in sweet chili sauce

Soft Swerve: Renowned ice cream shop known for their soft serve in Asian-inspired flavors like ube purple yam, black sesame, matcha, and Yakult. To add to the fun, they have a great cereal-inspired toppings bar (fruity pebbles on top of purple ice cream?!) They offer a vegan ube flavor too. I’ve been to Soft Swerve before, so I already know that it was amazing. Still, despite all the new vendors, this was a highly anticipated stop. We couldn’t agree on the flavors, so we ended up ordering both soft serve combos, the ube-Yakult swirl and black sesame-matcha swirl (this is why you take people with you to the market…you can try more food!) The nutty black sesame flavor was my personal favorite. They have two other locations in NYC, in Chinatown and Kips Bay.

Black sesame matcha swirl

Na Tart: Portuguese pastel de nata egg tarts with an Asian twist. They have fun flavors like purple sweet potato, chocolate bobo, durian, matcha, mochi, and mango. We couldn’t agree on one tart flavor either, so I ordered a 4-pack to take home that included an original pastel de nata, purple sweet potato, chocolate bobo, and durian tart. I was disappointed that they were sold out of the mochi and matcha tarts because I really wanted to try those flavors. The purple sweet potato ended up being my favorite. One warning is that the durian tart does have a fresh piece of durian on top, and the notorious fruit is baked into the tart as well, and let’s just say the smells and tastes of the durian really shine through. Order at your own risk or pleasure.

Tarts for breakfast! From top left: egg custard, chocolate bobo, purple sweet poato, and durian.

What I didn’t try (and why):

Joju: Modern take on Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches. Their veggie options were limited to a bahn mi made from seitan-based mock ham, vegetable egg rolls, and loaded French fries. Ultimately, they didn’t have a veg option that really appealed to me so I focused on other vendors. If you do want to try their food, they have other locations in Midtown Manhattan, Elmhurst, and Port Washington, Long Island.

Coocoocachoo: This place is all about fried chicken served as platters or sandwiches. There was nothing on the menu for a vegetarian. They have another location in Long Island City.

Qing Shu: Specializes in Sichuan street food, but they also didn’t have anything vegetarian. Too bad because I would like to know what Sichuan street food tastes like! They have another location in Bayside.

Hoi Polloi: This bar is being promoted as the first beer hall in Flushing. Hoi Polloi means “the people” in Greek and it’s intended to be a gathering space. Its big draw is a large number of beers on tap, including a selection of brews made in New York, and they offer tasting flights. The menu consists of appetizers, skewers, and sides only, although their skewers certainly had global inspiration, such as an “impossible” version of a kefta kabob. As for the vibe, you’ll find more neon lights although the TVs showing football and basketball gave it more of a sports bar feel. The only reason I didn’t try anything was because I was full but I’d go back.

There are more vendors scheduled to open in the next few months, including a place specializing in matcha tea, a dim sum restaurant, and a Thai restaurant focusing on food from the northeast Issan region. And if this selection isn’t enough, there are table service restaurants inside Tangram outside of the food hall area.

Where is the food hall and how do I get there?

The food hall is located at 133-33 39th Ave, Flushing Queens inside the Tangram mall. You can get there by taking the 7 train to the end (hop on an express if you can) and then it’s a 6 minute walk north from the subway station. Tangram can be a confusing space to navigate, since it contains a mall, a residential building, office spaces, and a hotel, so your best entrances will be on Prince Street or 37th Avenue. You’ll find the food hall on the street level of the mall. There was not great signage inside the mall to find the food hall, and the touchscreen directory wasn’t really working, but the mall itself isn’t that big so you’re bound to find it.

If you’re driving, there is a parking garage. You can find rates depending on the date and time here.

When is the food hall open? When’s the best time to visit?

Vendors are open between 12-10pm although many close at 9. The one exception is Hoi Polloi, which stays open until midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends. Personally, I find the best times to visit food halls are not right at open or close, since vendors are still getting ready or packing up. So I’d recommend visiting between 1-9pm.

How much does it cost?

Here’s what I purchased and how much it cost (with tax included):

  • One medium I’Milky premium black tea: $7.19
  • One rice cake “hot dog” from Chruncheese: $9.56
  • One soft serve ice cream cone from Soft Swerve: $4.50
  • Egg tarts from Na Tart: range from $3.50-3.75 each depending on the flavor

Is the food hall good for vegetarians and vegans?

The options for vegans are limited, and while there are some intriguing things to try (ube ice cream? seitan banh mi?), there’s not enough to make it a vegan destination. For vegetarians, there’s a wider range of choices like cheese or rice cake “hot dogs” from Cruncheese. Everything I ate was deep fried or dessert (ha!), so if you’re trying to eat more vegetables and salads this probably isn’t the place for you.

Do you have recommendations on what to order?

  • Brown sugar bubble milk from I’Milky (didn’t try it but it looked so good)
  • Korean rice cake “hot dog” from Cruncheese
  • Black sesame and matcha soft serve twist from Soft Swerve
  • Purple yam egg tart from Na Tart
  • A local NY beer from Hoi Polloi

Overall, I thought that this new NYC food hall had some creative and fun options. I’m not sure it’s worth going out of your way if you live far from Flushing, since most of the businesses have other locations throughout the city. But I am excited to see a place like this open in Queens and especially in Flushing. So many businesses only focus on Manhattan and Brooklyn, when there are 2.4 million people in this borough and we’re hungry too! So I’m glad that I don’t need to trek out to Chinatown in Manhattan next time I’m craving some ube soft serve.

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  1. I love the idea of an international food hall so much! I may visit NY this year so I’ll look out for one and visit ☺️

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    1. There are so many here! If you come to NYC I can give some recommendations for my favorites

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